Indigo Libellule

Libellule - Dragonfly - symbolizes the ability to adapt and transform. This creature comes with a message of love, inviting you to set your singularity free and allow your very own specific weirdness to shine like a precious piece of jewelry.

by Anne Horel


0.10 ETH
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Artwork Properties

  • Published: 2023-11-05 15:32:59
  • File format: jpeg

NFT Details

  • Contract address: 0x2E3e0C5D39aD6B09d598Ac903CD24f1927Fa59f3
  • Type: ERC-721
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Second market royalties: 5%


Indigo (The seventh color)

An artistic reflection on the capacity for human society to apprehend natural diversity and oddities, through the prism of the indigo controversy