The Fall Of The Rebel Artists

The piece is a modern reinterpretation of Luca Giordano's painting The Fall Of The Rebel Angels. It depicts a triumph of the art, the artist, innovation and light over the voices of hatred that scream and writhe in agony of toxicity. Be a seeker of everyday magic.

by Mr Richi


3.5 ETH
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Artwork Properties

  • Published: 2023-04-25 20:46:22
  • File format: jpeg

NFT Details

  • Contract address: 0x47C0F70b21049D1f4366474AB1d129e630b33667
  • Type: ERC-721
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Second market royalties: 10%


Indigo (The seventh color)

An artistic reflection on the capacity for human society to apprehend natural diversity and oddities, through the prism of the indigo controversy